RES: Password for spec files?


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Thanks for your answer, Simon.

Ours is still a brand new install. Due to some missing PTF's on the AS our
security server os not up yet. Still, security is turned off in the Dep.
Server's INI file.

After all, what does access to a local TAM file have to do with OW's
security server???
I am logging as JDE into my NT Dep. Server. This user CAN create, delete,
copy files in the directory that is in question.

I have installed one first WS already. I can log into OW with
JDE/databasepassword .
Everything seems to be just ok!

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You said you checked permissions, are you using security server?

If not, are the passwords for your user profile you are signed into OneWorld
synchronised across the Dep Svr and Ent Svr. If you are not using JDE, does
the system user profile exist on the Dep Svr as part of the Administrator

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