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Ryan, wait a minute, do not do "Create Table" yet! You might loose the data
in your F55* custom files!

Christian is correct in telling you to create (design) the table specs with
Table Design Aid. However, in your case, the table already does exist
physically in your AS400 Database. "Create Table" recreates it, destroys
whatever data you have!

Here's the theory: for OW to see a table it must know it's specs first. So
when you type the tablename in the apropriate field within UTB and it gives
you an error (Table does not exist) then OW does not know the specs of this
table. You would have to do the above.

Having done that, you need to create an OCM mapping, pointing OW to the
location where the table lives in your database. If you have your custom
tables in the same library as your Business Data (I don't know if this term
is used in World Software) UTB should find it at this point without
OCMappings (because it would assume the default). If the tables are in a
different Library you might have to create a new Datasource , pointing to
that library. That would include creating an ODBC Datasource as well on your
fat clients.
If you need help with the Datasources let us know. It's not very difficult
if you've done it once.

We have done this kind of thing to tables totally foreign to OW or World.
Just recreate the specs matching 100% the columns of an already existing
table, point an OCM to wherever the table lives and read it within OW. It
worked with an Oracle Database, should work exactly the same with AS400.

Good luck, Gerd

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You have the same need that we have here, OCM is able to map table that
exist OneWorld. So the solution that we took should also work for you. Try
it with one of your F55?? Table, build the same table (same name, same
field, same index) in One World. Generate the table and index in One World.

Next UTB should work to view the data in World. Don't forget when you open
the table in UTB to select the right data source(The One that you should
have for World).

If your custom program need to access this table from One World a OCM
mapping need to be done to map this table to the World Environment. Like
that every time a program will refer to this table they will refer to the
specification in OneWorld but they will access the data in World.

I know it's not giving you all of your answer, but give me some feedback to
guide my answer, if it's working for us it should work for you also.

Christian Audet

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Yes, my file does already exist and has data and I do not want to lose the data. The file is already located in Business data, so I would assume I wouldn't have to add anything to OCM.
Now, do I have to go in Table Design Aid to create the table? Isn't it going to want me to create the table? Again, I don't want to lose my data.

Ryan Allen

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Avoid to create a new threads when doing reply. Go to the forum in the right threads and make your replys there, so we don't have to follow the same story on two screen.

Thank !

Christian Audet

Implementing B7333 (Xe) SP14.1, SQL
(Support B732, B7331 and B7332)


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go into the AS400 and do a crtdupobj of the file beforehand... or copy it to
another library... then you can copy it back using cpyf *replace when you
are done... I don't know how much you know the as400 or not, let me know if
you need any help...


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