Request date not changing in PO Entry


Hi jdelist,

If the Request Date field is changed in the header, it does not reflect in the details.

The processing option No. 10 in Default tab ( Header to Detail ) is set to 1 (Auto load header changes to detail).

To reproduce the problem:

In P4310 program, go to work with header form.
Select an order and click Header revision from Row exit.
Change the request date field, promised date field, etc. and press OK to go to detail form.

In the detail form, changes to the request date is not reflected but other changes are reflected.

Have you encounter this problem? Is there a SAR for this?

Thanks in advance.

Ulysses Cruz
Gulf Aluminium Rolling Mill Co.
Xe, Update-2, SP16,SQL,WinNT

Have you checked to ensure it is one of the fields selected to copy. From
the Header (form W4210G) there is a form option called "Define". Ensure
"Requested Date" is one of the selected fields (i.e. a 1 in the Select
column). Although I'm not on Update 2 it does work for me.



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If you change the date in the header, all the new lines added will have the changed date but you will have to change dates on the already existing lines manually. Alternatively you can use the 'Change Purchasing Dates' Application to change the dates on the line details of a PO.



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Ensure that the Requested Date is selected in the DEFINE form exit in the
Purchase Order Header entry screen. This is used in conjunction with your
Processing Option to define changes to which specific header fields are
taken to the detail records.