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Report Writer Security


We are trying to roll out report writer to select users. However, there are some concerns with security and the impact to our production box. Here are our concerns/questions.

1. Users, as report developers, will have access to all the data rather than the existing row security that excludes their ability to see other site info. Can we use row security in development? Can we exclude them from doing updates? If so, how?

2. Is there any way to force the users to run reports in batch mode?

3. A user may write a report that can go into a loop or cause a semi-wait state. Is there any way to automatically review and/or cancel?

If anyone has any experience with the user community having report writer access, please let me know how well it is going, what issues have arisen, etc.

Thanks for your help.

Natalie Chlop
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A general comment rather than specific answers to your questions.

You need to recognize that RDA, despite its name, is a batch programming tool first, and a report writing tool second. As such turning it over to end users as a report writing tool will be very problematic in my opinion. Certainly the security holes/risks are enormous.

What we did is restrict the JDE tool to programmers and analysts only while providing users with a "real" report writer (in our case Crystal Reports).

I know that there are others that have gone the approach you are heading though - maybe we'll get some response from them.


Larry Jones
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