Report Inconnect -Pass values between Application and Report


I have an application and its calling a report through Report Interconnect.

After the report is processed successfully I would like to pass the totals in the report back to application.

I am unable to pass the values back to the application.

So here are my questions

1. Is it possible to Pass the Values from the Report Back to the application ?

2. If so could you list any important items that should be taken care.

Here is the list of items I did to achieve the same.

1. Application Calls the report.
2. In the report assigned the Totals back to RI values.
3. Values are not reflected in the application

Any help on this would be great.

JDE 9.10 : Tools Release
Write the values to a table and then read them from the application.
Hi Eshwar

This isn't really possible in the way you're doing this since you're going against the development guidelines within JDE. Let me explain.

Client A runs the application. Report gets called onto the Server.
Client B runs the application. Report also gets submitted to the Server

Server finishes the first report eventually. The server has no idea what a "client" is - whether that "client" is a Web server or a Fat client. So cannot pass back information. Same with the second report.

A better way to perform this is to have the report update a custom table with the variables that you want updated. Then, keyed on a specific piece of information (like Order # or even some unique number, it could be the report job #), a client can later pick up that data from the table and use it.

The issue is, of course, that the client will have to wait until the data is updated in the custom table. And, given the nature of batch queues, that might be some time.

Alternatively, if you DON'T call a batch process - but instead have the batch logic performed by a business function (such as a Named Event Rule) - then absolutely, the data can be processed and passed back to the application.

Batch Processing is precisely that - its designed to be called asynchronously.

Someone might be able to shine light whether Subsystem Processing could be used to do what you're after...