Removing commited quantities from primary location.


Hi All,

Can any one please let me know how do I remove committed quantities from primary location?
I have 2 items and in their primary location,one item is having negative qty commit and other item positive qty commit.
How do I check what is driving the commit and how do I remove it?


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You haven't mentioned what modules you're running so as general advice:

Run the R42995 repost if the items are finished goods. This will repost the commitments for distribution. If they are raw materials for manufacturing then you can run R3190 to repost for work orders. Both of these reports should be scheduled to run anyway as JDE isn't exactly perfect in terms of managing commitments. If both items still show commitments then it likely they are planned in some way. The easiest way to find it would be to use to Supply/Demand Inquiry which is P4021. Of course if it hasn't been set up properly you may not find it but that is where I would start.