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B733.2 SP 11.3 - Just went live 1/1/01. No ESUs implemented but in the

Problem with Exit Row 'Receipt Reversal.'

When we enter a credit line on a po and receive it, the F43121 is populated.
When we enter a negative qty on a po and receive it, the F43121 is
populated. However, when we use the Receipt Reversal of a receipt, due to
an error, it does not populate the F43121.

The F41021, PQOH is right, statuses are ok, the F4311 is right but not the

I looked on the KG but could only find SAR 2778211 for version A7.3.

Is there a processing option that addresses this or does one of the monster
ESUs correct this ? Any suggestions ?

Steve Shepard
O'Gara - Hess & Eisenhardt
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There is no processing option. We have also seen a few cases where F43121
does not get updated. Have no other info.

Dave Mallory Denver Water
Dave Mallory Denver Water

I'm glad to hear we are not the only one. Which version and SP are you
currently running ? Have SARs / ESUs been incorporated ?

We are on 7332 SP 13.3 and all known applicable ESUs and SARs have been
applied. If you are not seeing the MATC code and the program ID change on
the F43121 record, per my second post this morning (funny how one remembers
stuff at odd hours), then there must be a bug. We are seeing the reversal
entries happen as they should, at least for the ones we have looked for. We
have seen a few receipt records not written to F43121 but appear in F4111
and the change is made in the on-hand quantity in F41021.

Dave Mallory Denver Water
We ARE seeing the MATC code. We missed it before I sent out the JDE List

Thanks, Dave,

Steve S.