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Receipt Date VS GL Date

Hello list.

According to the local legislation Receipt Date of the purchase should be
always equal to G/L Date (i.e. date of accounting transaction). Since there
are two fields for date entry in Receipt Entry pgm (P4312) - Receipt and
G/L dates - risc that a user will enter different date values is quite high.
We consider possibility to switch all the reporting and source documents
printing to G/L date (as prevailing one). I realise that there may exist
discrepansies between customised reports (using G/L date) and the standard
reports (using Receipt Date) prepared to match purchasing data.

Can you add any other negative consequences of the change?

Kind regards.

Alexei Martkovich
EY Consult
Oracle 8i, HPUX, B733.2, SP13.3


Active Member
Can't you solve this by using fieldsecurity? Prevent users from changing
the date.
We are preparing to go live the first of june with purchasing in our pilot


Business Analyst
Oracle , SUN, Xe

sometimes the warehouse can't process all the receipts for the day in time.
In this case they continue preparing POs during the next days. Therefore
they have to write correct dates in both fields and we can't impose security
on them.


Alexei Martkovich
EY Consult
Oracle 8i, HPUX, B733.2, SP13.3