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Hi all,

I am setting up financials and distribution for a U.S company that has HQ based in the U.K. The U.K. setup is further along and they have setup fiscal date patterns and for their companies. Our fiscal date pattern requirement was different for the U.S. company so I added a new fiscal date pattern type -- just for FY '01. And now I get errors or warnings indicating that my dates in transaction processing are in future fiscal year or that I am trying to Post After Cut-Off (PACO warning). Do you think I need to set up last year's fiscal date patterns, or next years? Do you think I need to run an Annual Close on 2000 for my U.S. company, even though there were no transactions in my company for 2000. I noticed the problem in processing a receipt (got just a PACO warning in P4312), then seemed to get a more severe warning when I tried to reverse the receipt from the Work with Purchase Receipts screen -- the G/L date highlights with the warning "Date is in future fiscal year" a!
nd the inquiry can't find my receipt record because the G/L Date doesn't make sense to it.

In G/L, I was able to post a journal entry with no problems using the same date (5/9/01). A point of interest may be that I changed the viewing option for my User Profile to use American standard date formats vs. the Brits using the other companies in the system. I think, though, there may be some issue with the receipts program or the date pattern setup.

Let me know your thoughts.



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Capita Technologies, Inc.
King of Prussia, PA

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