Re : User overrides


We are on OneWorld B7332 SP.10.1 and we have many messages "Business Function...
and Thread Business Function..." when confirming a shipment on P4205 or in P4210
when entering an order.

We tried to resolve that problem by deleting all user overrides and create them
PUBLIC. But after that test, we still have the same errors.

So I'm not sure that if we delete loads of user overrides it would fix the
invalid overwrite or read error.

I hope something exist to fix this problem.

Chantale Caron'" <>
cc: (bcc: Jde User/RDL/PREMIERTECH)

Subject: User Overrides

Can anyone tell me what the different types of User Overrides stand for?

Im going to delete loads of them to try and fix an 'invalid overwrite or
read' error our users are always getting and would like to know what Im



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