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RE: Recommended Laptop Specs-One World Fat Client


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RE: Recommended Laptop Specs-One World Fat Client

If your company has Citrix/WTS then you will install a thin client and you
will have very impressive results from even a 286 laptop.

Be sure your operating system is not 95/98/ME there is a 192meg memory
limitation in the operating system itself.
I suggest you go to WIN2000 we have successfully deployed to new Toshiba and
Dell laptops.
You will need 1 1/2 to 2 gigs of hard drive space for each environment to be
installed. As a lead you may be testing and will need PY and PD environments
at a minimum.
You may also have a period of what is called co-existence while you are
moving to the OneWorld arena.

Good luck,

Bob Duben
*A CNC who is looking