OneWorld XE fat client Timeout


I've been knocking this one around with Oracle support and not having any luck. They tell me that there is no JD Edwards setting to implement a session timeout on a Windows fat client.

We are running a coexistent environment. World A7.3 Cume 13 and OneWorld XE SP24 fat clients running on windows. OneWorld services run on our Power 7 running I for Business. Fat clients connect via iAccess ODBC connections to the DB2 database on the iSeries.

I have reviewed both the iSeries JDE.INI, or the INI file with member JDE in library B7333SYS and the jde.ini file on the fat client. Neither one of them show a timeout parameter in the JDENET section where you find it in the jas.ini that the knowledge garden documents talk about.

I'm posting this question here hoping that someone else didn't let this rest with Oracle and found a way to disconnect/timeout their fat client sessions without hoping that the inactivity setting on the iSeries timed them out instead (i don't believe this to work as i can go in to my already opened OneWorld tat client session at any time and open a menu option and it opens every time as long as the services are up and running on the iSeries (JDENET, SENTINEL and NETWORK in the 7333 subsystem). Even if services have stopped and restarted, no need to close my fat client session and reconnect. Just open a menu and it works. My guess is that this has to do with the ODBC connections and as long as the iSeries is up and running and services are running, the connection can be made.

Thank you for any information you can pass along. It's possible i may be stuck with having no timeout, but i wanted to exhaust all avenues first.