Re: Reciepts Routing

Re: Reciepts Routing

We have experienced problems with receiving an item from receipts routing.
Using program P43250 to receive items that are currently in receipt routing
(we use it for intransit) caused us problems. Because the receipt is an
automatic two step process(first move it, then receive it) we had people
who had failures on the second step after the first step was completed.
Examples are security problems on second screen but not on first, and aai
problems with receipt step. Because the user would stop between screens
and make phone calls to try and resolve his problem, he would time out and
be automatically logged off the system. The automatic timeout is required
by our security audit group. Regardless of the reasons, the result is a
half done transaction that is not recoverable in the system.

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We are currently in the process of implementing the Receipts Routing in the
Purchase Order system for A.7.3 Cum 5. We are having some problems with
duplicate posting of receipts, due to what we think might be record locks.
This creates additional problems as partial updates are being created. If
anyone else is using receipts routing, I would like to know if you are
experiencing problems with the receipts routing. Thanks.

Cathy Kaus
Systems Analyst
Huffy Bicycle Company
[email protected]

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