RE: re. Oracle, and SQL7


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RE: re. Oracle, and SQL7

Michael :

I didn't say that all NT/SQL ERPs or implementations are restricted to
any specifical limit, was just describing my personal experience of
OW running on that platform.
It's very difficult to specify a user-limit for a given platform such
as NT or Unix or AS/400; it strongly depends on the application
architecture, database design, network, budget, available hard and soft,
IT/IS skills and methodology, what do users run, and what performance
and reliability do they tolerate.
The performance issues of Z1 UBEs were solved (with different levels
of success) creating missing indexes, applying SARs (code patches)
and doing some DBMS tuning.
In some cases, UBE speed increased tenfold, on other cases just 20%.
Programming flaws may kill performance even of the more powerful servers
on whatever platform you choose!

Sebastian Sajaroff