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Re:RE: Issues after upgrading to Oracle 8.1.6

Re:RE: Issues after upgrading to Oracle 8.1.6

One follow up point. If you plan to upgrade to Xe, you will definitely want to
have the client installed, or else SP 14.1 and up (you should anyway).
I had not realized that our deployment server had the 8.1.6 client on it, and we
had problems with the upgrade.

Brad Snyder
OneWorld Xe, SP 14.1
Oracle 8.1.5 HPUX 11 (DB server, and app server)
Windows NT Deployment Server

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Subject: RE: Issues after upgrading to Oracle 8.1.6
Author: jdelist@jdelist.com (JHammonds <JHammonds@heilco.com>)
Date: 04/20/2001 3:47 PM

Thanks for the reply. Just to let everyone know, I was finally able
determine that F98741 (the event rule spec table) didn't go back in
indexes ???? Generated them and things seem to work normally.

Thanks again,

OneWorld B7332, Win NT (Enterprise), Oracle 8.1.6