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Re: Re:Electronic Invoices


JDE have a number of Forms Tool Alliance partners whose applications do just
that. In the UK I recomend a complete solution including payment processing
from Checkpoint, OS (Non UK) the check out AFP fromscape. All this stuff
works a treet in World and OneWorld releases bar B733.1


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> Hi!
> We at Castrol India have written a program in RPG to download the spool
> into a physical file. This physical file can then be downloaded in a .txt
> Text) format. This text file is an exact replica of the spool file.
> We intend to paste this text file onto a form ( which will be like the
> preprinted Invoice stationary) on the web, so that our customers can view
> print the Invoice at their end thru the web.
> Sidd
> Siddharth Mukherjee
> Sr Manager - E Business
> Castrol India Ltd.
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> Subject: Electronic Invoices
> Author: [email protected]
> Date: 10/11/2000 3:12 AM
> I am running A7.3 Cum 10, some of my customers want to get their
> invoices electronically.
> I could download it to excel and e-mail it to them but I am looking
> a user friendly alternative. If you have implemented a similar scenario,
> know a software package that could help me, I'd like to hear from you.
> Jude Augustin