RE: Oracle - Deleted PRODB733 Tables

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RE: Oracle - Deleted PRODB733 Tables

I have managed to restore the situation using my method, this took 16 hrs. Yes, we do not do archive logging and cold backup is performed nightly using ufsdump.

Many thanks to all for responding.




The main thing we need to know before answering this question is
if you are running your Oracle database in archivelog mode. In
this mode, the database copies the online redo logs to a specified
location before overwriting them. The redo logs contain details
of all transactions that affect the database. Running in archivelog
mode enables you to do complete or point-in-time recovery of the
database, providing you have kept all the archived redo logs since
the last "hot" or "cold" backup.

A "cold" backup is a backup that is performed while the database is
shut down. A "hot" backup refers to one that is done while the database
is running, and the tablespaces are in backup mode. That is, you needed
to have executed the command "ALTER TABLESPACE xxxxx BEGIN BACKUP;"
before copying the physical data files.

If you don't run your database in archivelog mode, then your only options
are to restore the database from the last "cold" backup, or use the
last full export, if you have one.

If you do run the database in archivelog mode, and have performed a "hot"
or "cold" backup and still have all the archived redo logs from that
backup, then you have a couple options, I think. You can either recover
the entire database to a specific point-in-time (probably not a very good
option since this will affect all tablespaces), or you can create a clone
database, recover the database to a specific point-in-time with only the
specified tablespace(s) data files online, export the tables and then import
them into your production database. This is similar to the scenario that
proposed, but it shouldn't require you to restore all the database data
files, but only the ones you are interested in. However, I have never done
this and it looks fairly complicated. You should probably have an
DBA or Oracle support consultant help you with this.

I hope this helps.

Michael Twaddell
OW B7331
Sun Unix 2.7
Oracle 8.1.5