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Re: OneWorld/World/ADP Interfacing

I understand the OneWorld side of the data import, my frustration lies with
ADP and obtaining any information on how to export data from their system.
When you created the flat file from ADP, did you use an adittional product
of theirs, such as ReportSmith? From the ADP literature, it looks like in
the 'out of the box' tools only allow you to export the employee data, not
any g/l information. Is this correct?

John Gersic
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We are on OW B7332 and currently interface ADP data to our G/L system. Our
payroll dept is on line with ADP and when the payroll has been processed we
export a flat file out of the ADP system and move it to the B7 import
directory. I have written a UBE to move the data into the F0911z1 file. We
then run the canned R09110z program to populate the G/L tables. Our payroll
department spent quite a bit of time with the ADP people mapping the data to
the JDE business unit/object account/subsidiary. This info is contained in
the flat file and that in turn made the UBE much easier to create.