RE: Network authorities


RE: Network authorities

Scott, if you add the user's domain account to the local administrator group
then they should be able to install. You might be doing a step incorrectly.
If you are using USER MANAGER FOR DOMAINS make sure you change the domain to
the local machine name. I am not sure if Poweruser will allow access to the




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RE: Network authorities

Giving people DOMAIN admin access is a very very BAD idea. Users DO NOT
have to be local workstation admins to accept a package. All they need is
access to the JDE registry key and a few shares on the deployment server.
For the exact config download the document FAT Client Management from the
download section of


Colin Dawes, MSc
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RE: Network authorities

I agree Colin, it is a bad idea. I suggested that the user's account on the
domain be added to the local administrator's group. Our users have full
admin rights to their NT machine. There are pro's and con's to do it this
way but one good reason is that we have many other applications that require
registry access. It is easier for us to manage than to do tedious security
on the workstation. If the user screws up their workstation we will rebuild




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RE: Network authorities


On all new client installs we make a point of changing the
security/permissions on the software folder in HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE to
Everyone = Full Control (not forgetting to check the replace permission on
existing subkeys box first). Hope this helps.


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RE: Network authorities

What do you do for update packages? Or do they not touch the registry?