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A big gotcha is the possibility of duplicate AID numbers in F0901. These must be unique or your posting activity (F0902) will combine multiple companies information. Additionally, if you are combining document files (AR, AP, Purchasing, Etc) KCOO and KCO probably need to be reviewed to ensure unique combinations exist.

> Hello List,
I am trying to do some research for our company. We have some Business
entities, (I work at headquarters), we have currently on World and one that
is coexistent on One World (Web enabled for dealer sales ordering). We are
currently involved in doing an assessment of bringing all units to One World
XE from World, plus bringing some other business entities on to OW XE from
legacy systems. We may be unique in this type of structure but we are
trying to contact other businesses that have gone through the migration
process from World to One World to get a better handle on the proper
planning to migrate. We would like some insight to the pain and gains you
may have experienced first hand as opposed to any pie in the sky assessments
from JDE or third party consultants.

If you are interested in sharing your experience of migration, please
contact me.

Thank you.
Joe Bennett 7.3 000X2
Johnson Outdoors
(262) 884-1648


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