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RE: JDEC performance

If there is in fact a problem it is not created by only one issue, look
around the market (Dow Nas.) is not doing that good either life is tough
out there. Granted, things move pretty fast and what works to day is
not worth a hill of beans the next day. True one must be able to adapt
and that is key anywhere. Do not waste time worrying on things you
cannot control. thanks


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RE: JDEC performance

I think the problem with JDEC's performance is OneWorld's quality. I
have ranted and raved about it enough that everyone knows my views on
it. I too, think that OneWorld is a really neat product, but until it is
as stable as World, companies are not going to convert, and others
considering an ERP system will not deploy OneWorld hearing the horror
stories of QA problems with the product.
Also note that this really rough time in the economy in the States, and
that all budgets are being cut in IT. If you check out SAP, BAAN (close
to bankruptcy for awhile), etc, they have all had financial contractions
to some extent.
I think learning the JDE toolset is still a viable skillset as the
base of people who know it are few, so the commanding price for their
service is high.


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