RE: JDE Customer Support Line


RE: JDE Customer Support Line

I will be attending Focus this year. I thought I saw something awhile back
about buttons that were being distributed for World customers who were
attending. Does anyone have any information on this?

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Teri Shoemaker
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Re: JDE Customer Support Line

I think you have a great idea with the birds-of-a-feather meeting. I would
suggest that you request comments and suggestions on the Customer Support Line
Issue from everyone that can not make it to FOCUS this year. That way you will
be able to add additional weight to the issue when you do have the BOAF meeting.
There are a number of us that will not be able to make it to Focus 2001. The
Customer support issue is one that affects all of us and all users should have
the opportunity to make their comments and suggestions before JDE management
hears from the BOAF users.

JDE users can also email their comments and suggestions about the Customer
Support Line issues to the following address [email protected]

I like the birds-of-a-feather idea better because those of you there will be
able to hear all the comments and make better overall suggestions to JDE
management from the entire user community as to how to resolve the issue of the
customer support line.

I would like for the recommendations of the BOAF to be sent to the JDElist after
they are made so we can see and hold JDE's feet to the fire on the

Floyd Read
Chipman Union Inc.
A7.3 Cum 11

[email protected] on 05/18/2001 10:02:35 AM