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RE: Invoice and Statement printing

We ended up modifying the print to suit our needs (via RPG changes to the
DDS for these programs) but we have also used Create!Print to do the job
(also use for A/P and P/R checks). Any "forms" software will be a bit of an
expensive endeavor if you are only looking at one or two forms to "pretty
up". If you have a programmer, the changes should be real simple. I've
moved things around on both of these reports to come out better and print on
our standard letter-head stock. Else contracting someone would still be
less costly that a forms software.

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RE: Invoice and Statement printing

Yes, we use the OPTIO product, which is a JDE business partner, to produce
statements and invoices. There are several such products that will take the
raw spool file that JDE produces and reformats them and prints them on blank
paper. If you are doing laser checks instead of pre-printed checks,
whatever package you are using for checks would probably also handle this
kind of stuff.

John Dickey


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Re: Invoice and Statement printing

We have been using third party software for a couple of years, since March
we have been using EZPRINT from ACOM solutions.
I have use the product to produce A/R Statements, Invoices, AP Cheques
and related forms and purchase orders. The product is pretty easy to use
and pretty powerful once you learn all the hidden tricks. We are using
the basic vanilla JDE with a few minor alterations to suit our needs.

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Re: Invoice and Statement printing

We are also using Optio for invoices; sales order acknowledgments; receipts
etc. We also print MICR A/P checks. The product works pretty well, and is
fairly easy to setup. It also has the ability to send copies to multiple
printers depending on criteria within the spool file itself. We are
printing on both Lexmark and HP laser printers using PCL format. I can't
compare it directly to the other products available.

Jeff McGlachlin
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Re: Invoice and Statement printing


We use Lasertec Software and Have been very happy with it. Company is
based in California. Will work with you to make minor changes yourself..


Re: Invoice and Statement printing

Another vote for JetForm. Invoices, checks, statements, P.O. forms, etc.

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Re: Invoice and Statement printing

We've been using Create!Print for 18 months with no problems. I'm sure there are some other products though that might be as useful.

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We're a World 7.3 cum 11.5 installation running financials and distribution
for the most part. After a year of printing AR invoices and statements out
of stock JDE, I'm shopping for a different method of getting the output to
come out correctly. Does anyone else have problems with alignment or
orientation printing these forms on HPLJ 5 or HPLJ 8000 printers? Is anyone
using a third party package to produce their forms?



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