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Re: IBM Websphere / JAS - problem


I don't have a lot of details on the NT WebSphere setup, but some of the
settings are the same cross platform. You can look at the iSeries tuning
HTML document available at

You might look at your heap setup, this has a lot to do with how often and
long the garbage collections run. There are setting for -Xms and -Xmx,
(minimum and maximum heap size). Playing with these might help.

I talked with one of the NT people and they said there have been some
changes and fixes to memory leak issues and they recommend being on at
least WebSphere FixPack 3 (3.5.3), and FixPack 4 is recommended.

Also, I'm pretty sure that if users just end their browser session, instead
of actually logging off of OW, then the resources are not freed up until
the session time out is hit and the session expires. This might cause
excessive memory usage or more garbage collections, depending on the
timeout values.

Good Luck!

Rob Jump
Sizing Specialist
IBM/J.D. Edwards International Competency Center

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