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RE: Help ! Data selection on Versions


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RE: Help ! Data selection on Versions

Versions are very tricky things! Were you running from a different Client
PC? Have reinstalled JDE on your PC? The version you were running may have
been a local version (Data Selection and Processing Options help on the
Client), if so you may have triggered a JITty of the Deployment Server copy
of the Version, this may have had different Data Selection and Processing
Options. Alternatively if you are on a different client - or have
reinstalled OneWorld, that client may have an old Version. Confused - you
should be. Try checking out the Version, reset the Data Selection - if
necessary (it may now be right!), and check in again. This should ensure the
Client and Deployment Server are the same. Is anyone else running this
report? If they are go to their Client PC and repeat the checkout process
(this will set there local version to the same as the deployment server),
erase checkout (this will just remove the checkout flag).

One final complication - do you use Runube on your Enterprise Server for
this version? If you do you will need to run a server package for the
version as well.

Happy hunting.


RE: Help ! Data selection on Versions

Thanks Carl,

Your comments make sense. I will have to hunt for clients that have old