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Re: GLGLC & GLUM not being populated in F0911??


Re: GLGLC & GLUM not being populated in F0911??

check the system constants and branch plant constants.....

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07/18/01 08:51 AM
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Hello All,

I have noticed that a couple of fields in the GL is not being populated,
and I'm not sure if it is vanilla JDE, or if there is a problem.  Any input
that might shed some light on the subject would be greatly appreciated.
The UOM and GL Offset fields are not always being populated in the F0911.
I see that GL Offset is being populated if

the transaction is a purchase order receipt, but I do not see where UOM is
ever populated.  Anyone have any ideas?  Thanks.

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RE: GLGLC & GLUM not being populated in F0911??


What you are seeing is vanilla JDE, these fields are not always populated
and the "rules" under which they are populated are a function of where the
transaction came from and what you have done in system set up (ie constants)
and DreamWriter processing options.

The GL Offset (alternatively called GL Class in some of the other JDE
systems) is used when processing transactions from other JDE systems
(modules) into the General Ledger. The simplest ones to understand would be
in AR or AP. The post process uses the GL Offset from the AP or AR
transaction combined with a literal value like RC or PC (and Company etc) to
"look up" AAI's and via the AAI determine what account to post the "contra"
or "offset" entry to. There should be some pretty good examples of this
process in the reference guides for AP and AR. General ledger in itself
does not make use of GL Offset so journal entries etc created in GL would
not have a GL Offset value.

The unit of measure field is another kettle of fish all together.
Transactions can be entered with or without a UOM code, also account masters
in GL can be set up to have a specific UOM code. Subsidiary systems like
Inventory and Sales order processing can be set up to include or not include
units when creating GL entries. As a generalisation, when using units in GL
the onus is on the user to know what the units represent and what their UOM

Sorry I can't be much clearer on the UOM but it is a fairly large topic to
try and explain clearly via e-mail.

Regards...... Colin HUGILL

Colin Hugill