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RE: Genius minds needed!

It almost sounds as if those of us who use the list are considered of a
lesser class. I have been working in OneWorld since B7B and have been a
subscriber on the developer's list -- nay I like to think I had a small
voice (along with the 'Tony St. Pierre original Ten') in realizing the list
(yes eric I am with AMX).

I don't have the ability to be connected to the forum even one hour a day
much less the > 10 that some of you are on for. I presently have (only)
four clients. I'm sure 200+ clients is a daunting task. Know that I am not
faulting anyone for being so prolific on the forum (I'm probably just
jealous), It's just that the list is the best I can participate.

I don't respond very much because I see that there are many qualified
professionals out there with qualified answers. I do respond (sometimes
even off-line/off-list)to threads that I feel would genuinely benefit from
my contribution, BUT now I am concerned that I might be scorned for having a
delayed answer. In fact, I probably shouldn't send this because your
probably already discussed this topic to death.

And contrary to popular opinion, I DO like those emails that have all the
responses and the original message in one place. I hate opening those
emails that say -- Gerard, I use a custom BSFN that I added to R43953 to
make it work but only after installing SP 4.3 -- Yeah, Yeah, I don't know
what they're talking about either. With the email I only need to keep the
latest email to know what is going on, and I don't need to keep eight emails
to be able to follow a thread.

Okay, I feel better now to get it of my chest. I'll go back off-line now.

Ben (again)

PS1 - I've opted to leave your message on the tail of this message for
clarity for the listers.


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Re: RE: Genius minds were found!

Dear lesser class of the Brave B7B Old World,
Thank you very much for taking your time and courage altogether (in the same message), and make an astounding reasonable and really personal point in this question.
You showed us (High Class of the Brave New XE OneWorld), again, how much could we be in love with (our old) habits or ourselves, whatever, and how strong are we getting sentimental and taking it personally ...
Unfortunately for the 'lesser classes', they are forgetting the world is changing, permanently but irrevocably and we only have a short, thus precious, life span on this Earth.
High Class revisited (XE1.2)
PS for the last PS And there's more; adapt or be ignored, they say.
Irony is a genius link between classes (Marx?)

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Hi Ben,
I respect sincerely your communication method on the list and totaly agree your arguments.
Unfortunatley, there are a little bit contrary needs between Mail and Forum users.
Keeping all replies in a single mail is an advantage in the Mailing method but storage space consumption on the Forum where we can follow the flow of an issue in a tree structure.
Unfortunately, currently I do not know that which post have you replied and there is 2 reason of it.
1.) The original mail had been truncated from the tail of your reply.
2.) Your post appeared on the Forum as an orphan one, opening a new thread instead of appearing under the replied post in the original thread. This happens generally when somebody sends the reply to the "[email protected]" instead of "[email protected]". Eric don't like these type of mails, am I right, Eric?

I really hope that we will make this List/Forum a friendly and useful one together with a "little help of Eric ;-)
Unfortunately, the General Forum is the right place to discuss this problem and adding tips to it but it is accessible only via internet.
Has anybody any idea how can we do it instead doing it on the Developers Forum?
I think, the best way to send the ideas to the Support (Eric & Lee) and close this issue here on Developers List/Forum.
At last an other question: Has anybody any idea what kind of (not too hard to accomplish for Eric & Lee) personalized settings could make the usage of this communication more suitable as for mailers as for "webbers"?

My oppinion is that List and Forum is the same.
My wish is that all of us feel good here in this OneWorld/World community, providing help for the other and gaining help from the other.
PS.: Apologize for my English again, it wasn't a technical issue :)

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RE: Genius minds needed!

Please believe me when I say I'm not personally offended. I just felt that
the condescending tone warranted a response. I'm sure a lot of the people
who still use the antiquated email, have done so after making an educated
decision. Habits are not always bad things, and sometimes not changing is
because of choice not because of habit. By the way, when I talked about the
start-up of this list I WAS talking about change,-change because of a need-
which is the very thing you characterize as sentimentality (did I spell this
right, someday I'm going to have to get a spell checker!!!).

By the way I've heard that statement - adapt or be ignored - spoken several
times - by those dot com companies presently going down the tubes. It's one
thing to react to change it's another to dictate change.

You will be assimilated.....resistance is futile

Ben (again)
OK Zoltan I'll shut up now.... By the way, how do you get that really cool
accent above the a?