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Re: Difference Between XJDE AND ZJDE VERSIONS

XJDE versions are for demo purposes. They are always overwritten during
upgrade, no changes are preserved.

ZJDE versions are used by JDEdwards and may be hard-coded. For example,
P0011 calls different ZJDE versions or R09801 for different batch types,
and these ZJDE versions are hard-coded in the application. You may (and
often should) change processing options for ZJDE versions to customize
the system according to your needs. These changes to processing options
are preserved during upgrades (if PO template had not changed
significantly). Changes to event rules or report layout (stored in the
specification files) are NOT preserved during upgrades (so, you get a
pristine version in terms of logic, but will still have your custom
processing options).

You can have a look in development tools manual, appendix A, to see in
more detail what upgrade preserves and replaces.

ZJDE versions are SOMETIMES interactive versions. Interactive here means
slightly different thing then interactive application. Interactive batch
version means that this batch version is started by an application
(interactive or another UBE), which passes so called "report
interconnect" parameters to UBE, in addition to processing options,
associated with version. UBE which is called may use these parameters in
its processing. In most cases UBE is coded in such a way, that it can
accept "report interconnect" parameters. Most ZJDE versions of R09801
are interactive, which is another way of saying that R09801 application
is coded in such a way, that it can accept "report interconnect"
parameters. However, most (though not all) UBE's, which can accept
report interconnect parameters, do not require them to run successfully.
Again, if you run any of ZJDE versions of R09801 fro batch versions
application instead of P0011, they will run correctly. UBEs which must
receive report interconnect parameters to run correctly, are sometimes
also called interactive UBEs.

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