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Rather than modify the program, you can assign user defaults that will fill in the branch/plant field based on the signed on user. See the Inventory Management manual for information.

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RE: Default Branch Plant - P4311

You can set up a Default Branch Plant for a user or for a terminal. Go to
G43A41 - Procurement System Setup and then Default Location and Printers
P400951 - set the default Branch Plant. This will default all screens that
have the Branch Plant not just the one you were asking for.

Hope this helps.

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RE: Default Branch Plant - P4311


First, I hope the List will forgive me if I'm not replying correctly to this
message, as it is my first time.

I'm on an XE implementation team dealing with the issue of default
branch/plants on sales orders headers and detail as well as elsewhere. I'm
guessing you want to add an option to default branch plant to P4311
similarly to we would in P4211.

The processing options available did not perform as we expected. We think
we're stuck manually entering branch/plant on each line of sales order
detail, since it would not default from the item branch/plant (item master).

This is my first JDE implementation so I'm no expert, but since you've only
received one reply so far I thought I'd jump in with what I've seen.

Greg Rowe
RE: Default Branch Plant - P4311


Regarding your problem of wanting the branch/plant to default into a sales
order by item, did you look at the inventory commit preference? This would
be a way to accomplish this for sales orders. But it does not work for


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re[2]: Default Branch Plant - P4311


There is no processing option to direct which branch. JDE placed the option for the branch/plant in the setup section under 'Default Locations and Printers'. This information is set by user ID.

Once the Default is defined, each time a user enters an order, the branch will autofill based on the user ID. If a user will enter orders for multiple branches, you do not need to create a user default. If the user needs to override his/her default branch, they override the field in the header before beginning detail product entry.

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RE: Default Branch Plant - P4311


Thanks for the suggestion on using the inventory commit preference to assign
the branch/plant for items in a sales order. I followed up on your
suggestion and found a deeper issue. It will commit right, but it still
gives a warning due to a silly edit function.

Okay, here's what happens. When we enter a line on a sales order, JDE base
functionality checks if that item exists in the indicated branch/plant. Of
course it does not, because the branch/plant came from order header! That's
what's silly. Like any multi-plant operation we want to source from the
plant that produces the item, not some branch/plant the system mandates at
the order header.

So now the system wants us to manually figure out the sourcing plant and
over-write the default, even though the system will know what that will be
from commit preferences, as you said. Again, in a multi-branch operation
Order Entry enters orders for all branch/plants, not some superfluous
default from Default Printers and Locations.

Sure, later it will commit from the branch/plant that produces the item
because inventory exists there. So why did it even check for the
branch/plant that defaulted from the header? For NO GOOD REASON I'd say.

Should we give up and only have one branch/plant for all operations? This
seems to be the only JDE solution given that they require a branch/plant in
the sales order header which then defaults into order detail.

At the very least the problem is bothersome and time-consuming warning
messages that require entering a branch/plant in each line. The other
option is to maintain duplicate items in all branch/plants. That would keep
the edit checker happy because it will find the item in the default
branch/plant, even though we don't want it there. That creates
mega-unnecessary maintenance just to bypass a silly edit function. All
because edit checking occurs prior to the commitment checking, and the edit
is unnecessary for us anyway.

So it sounds like you had the right answer, but at this point JDE does not.

Sincerely yours,
Greg Rowe
RE: re[2]: Default Branch Plant - P4311

Thanks, Mike. I just wish the system would look at the commit preferences
not the default that comes from the header, which comes from the user's
defaults. For us each line in order detail may source from a different
plant, and the system knows what plant that is when it does the commit
preference checking. Still, it does an edit check before the commit
preference check, thus giving us a warning that later is mute. Oh well.

re[4]: Default Branch Plant - P4311


The line branches can be different from the header default. If you know the source branch, you can override that at order entry.

Mike Dupaix
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RE: re[4]: Default Branch Plant - P4311


Yes, you make a valide point. We will know the source br/pl in general. It
just slows down order entry and presents change management issues. "Why
doesn't the system know that?" "Our current system is faster." "These
errors slow us down." etc., etc.

The answer may be "Get over it." However, it would be better if the system
would just do the commit before the edit so the commit could source the
br/pl earlier rather than later, thus avoiding a mute error.

Thanks again.