Default Branch/Plant for WO & PO


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I am working on methods to default a Branch/Plant into a work order (P48013) of purchase order (P4310). I do not want to employ the user default (P400951) as this is too restrictive. It will be more practical to configure a method at a lower level such as the Version. I am working on a few solutions but want to keep it simple as possible.

Since I do not wish to customize at this stage I was wondering if anyone uses a vanilla method for this purpose.


Al Marmero
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UPDATE: The Custom UDC was the most expedient solution for our "Default Branch Plant" requirement. It is fast, low complexity and low risk. Most importantly, a real client-pleaser with respect to timing and cost and really boosts user acceptance and satisfaction!
Hi Marmero,

Can you please Suggest me how you Did this. The same is our requirement where we want to create a PO which will default the address book number default into the ship-to field on a PO header P4310.
Since I am a bit new to this technology, please help me.