Re: AS/400 Xe performance issues


Re: AS/400 Xe performance issues


Regarding the name resolution question, local servers may help but make
sure your servers are listed with IP address in the hosts and lmhosts files
on the PCs first, and that you are not running NetBEUI on the clients.

More important, though, is the WAN link - JDE clients are very chatty with
database traffic and I would never recommend running them over a pipe as
large as a T1 unless, as you indicate, this setup is for prototyping only.
The preferred method of supporting remote users in a production setting is
either using thin Citrix clients or JAS clients. From a support standpoint,
fat clients over a WAN result in additional maintenance resources and
significantly longer package install times, to say the least.

If you want to test the WAN link limitations note the response time when
pinging your enterprise server during various remote JDE load levels. Time
=<30ms is considered (at least) a reasonable speed for the WAN link.


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We have recently installed OneWorld software on a new AS/400 enterprise
server with substantial computing horsepower and minimal other resident
applications. As we begin to prototype, we have about 5 users on-line at
any time using the JDE Thick client on NT-based laptops or desktops. The NT
domain we are part of is a large Corporate domain with many computers in a
LAN/WAN scenario. At our location, we have a Windows NT Backup Domain
Controller (BDC) and backup DNS but the Primary Domain Controller (PDC) and
DNS are both remote at a location far away. The WAN connection between our
location and the central site is a 768KB Frame-relay link. This link
experiences occasional outages or slowdowns.

During our initial configuration and testing, we have generally had slow
client performance but have had several periods of VERY slow performance
when communicating between the OW client and the AS/400 enterprise server.
This manifests itself as slow program loads, slow interactions between
forms, etc. This doesn't make sense given the size of the enterprise
server, it's typical CPU usage at the time or the LAN traffic. Therefore,
we assume the problem to be network related and perhaps associated with our
WAN connections. Several of these extreme slow-downs have coincided with
known performance problems on the Frame-relay link to the Corporate site
which leads us to suspect that our OW installation is somehow relying on
something outside our local LAN, perhaps a service that it uses over the

So, here's the real question: What is the significance of WINS address
resolution, Windows Master Broswer resolution, DNS and access to PDCs to
the JDE OneWorld software? In our case, could we be experiencing slowness
due to the fact that these functions don't exist on our local LAN segment?
Would we experience better performance if the PDC or WINS machines were
local? Is there a manual or document or an expert at IBM, JDE or Microsoft
that is known to provide recommendations about the placement of these
Windows NT services in relation to JDE OW?

Please point us in the right direction for these resources if you know of
them. Thanks very much.

Rick Flagler
Manager, Information Systems
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Judy Lessard
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