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RE: Anyone Out There... (longer post)


My post was not about the reliability of any given platform. And my post
was not about World vs. OneWorld. I haven't worked with World much. I
agree that each solution has its purpose but I think you missed the gist of
my post.

The point of my post was that the original poster indemnifies (I think
that's the word) a prevailing attitude that the more powerful server
hardware and OSes (HP, Sun, AS/400) are OVERPRICED and EXPENSIVE. For a
novice tech, these platforms appear to be expensive, but when you look at
all of the added expenses in terms of redundancy, performance, high
availability, licensing, reliability and scalability, there is no question
that the proven hardware and OSes are price/performance competitive. The
problem is that the novice tech rarely acknowledges these issues when they
conceive and propose a solution. People who know tools but don't know
hardware do this regularly.

For several years I had to balance client/server development and RPG
development. Every time I turned around one of my peer client/server
developers lowballed a project to run against NT/SQL. Typically they would
emphasize the cost savings. When it finally made it into production, it
could support about 8 concurrent users when it was intended to support 40.
Sometimes we would advise them to move their databases to AS/400. "No it
wouldn't work with AS/400" they'd say. Even though AS/400 has had a fully
ODBC-client database for 8+ years. Was it their design?, code?, NT?, SQL?,
or the hardware?. I don't know. I won't go into all of the details but
there were numerous similar scenarios. One thing I have learned thru all
that was "Good ideas scale well, bad ideas scale poorly."

One of the things I like about OneWorld is that it uses the client/server
tools natively with each OS. You can use Visual C++, VB-like tools (RDA,
FDA), and any ODBC client tool. This enables the developer/applications
people to work with Windows based tools but hides the backend server &
database. Because OW will run on all databases/OSes, developer/applications
people can develop to their hearts' content. The net effect is that it

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