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Re: Adding a company..

Greetings list, would anyone have any tips, gotchas or general advice
regarding adding a company to an existing JDE application?
1. Is it better to append the new company's records to the existing tables
or better to keep their records in their own library/tables?
2. Should we add one smaller AS400 or replace current small 400 with one
large box and run frame relay to new company?
3. We will be using the same JDE programs and mods so everyone's library
list will be essentially the same. Any gotchas in this area?
4. Does anyone have any tips regarding segregating users' access to
specific companies?

Thanks in advance... s.e.t.

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RE: Adding a company..

Regarding your security, Branch plant specific security has worked well in
any of the implementations I have been involved in. Making each Branch
Plant a business unit and then using Business unit security is effective.
Also set users defaults to appropriate branch plant. In using Branch
plants, you would use the same libraries and tables and just use the
specific branch plant designations to segregate information.

RE: Adding a company..

I'd say your going the right direction if you are going to have separate
enviroments. Security is a nightmare otherwise and does not work as
advertised IMO.

Re: Adding a company..


(in my humble opinion)

1. Yes it is better to have 1 Set of files instead of 2.

2. Due to Number 1 This would mean 1 box.

3. Lib Lists should be Exactly the same. 1 Obj Lib. 1 Common lib 1 Security Lib and 1 Data Lib.

4. One of the things that JDE does WELL is Branch Security. While your finance People will Have to set up the Different Companies and Business Units. Try to insist that if they use 2 differnet Company Numbers they do NOT use the same Business Units in each company. (I dont know IF it is even possiable to do that but.....) Then you can set up Business Unit Security. Also, look at the Default Printers and Locations (Menu G4141) and make sure you have the users set up correctly in there.

Feel free to call me if you have any questions. You should still have my number.

Scott Parker
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RE: Adding a company..

Hehe Dale I guess this is a place we disagree.

With the 2 boxes or enviroments he now has to do maintenance on BOTH boxes.

2 times the places for problems.
I would rather deal with setting up Security then to have to deal with
possiable problems in both enviroments.
Keeping track of programs, Mods, SARS, etc.

Let alone what will end up happening is you will do a Mod for this company
and then another one for the other company and then they both see the other
one and want the others Mods but it is 4 times as hard to put it in place
now due to some programming oversite. (hehe yes I made that oversite)

Scott Parker
Grote Industries, LLC
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Scott Parker
Grote Industries, LLC.
WorldSoftware Version 8.1.2 AS/400 V4R5
RE: Adding a company..

I'd agree keeping away from two boxes, esp. if you have a lot of programmers
customizing but I have not been impressed with B/P security, I have an
accountant in company A that does not have security to any of the B/P's in
company B, but company B information will show up on some Dreamwriters and
WW's. But can't you keep the same *SEC, *OBJ and *SRC LIB's and make a new
*DTA lib for the new company?
Oh, and I ran into some bugs in the batch approval post program as well that
made working in the same enviroment troublesome as well.

RE: Adding a company..

Many thanks for all the responses. Adding a "company" with their respective
business units would involve the same security methods as merely adding
business units? thanks, s.e.t.
RE: Adding a company..

Hi Seth

We're happily running here with some 29 companies set up in a single
environment with only one large box - using BU security seems to do the job
fine. One thing you should be aware of is that many reports use the name
from company zero in the headings, though I think there was recently a
thread on how to change this with a little programming.

Another possibility you might want to look at is to have a copy of the F0010
company constants in a different library for each company with only that
company's record in it. I've not tried it but it might give some control.


Re: Adding a company..

I went through adding a company at a client site not so long ago. The
approach taken was to add to the existing tables. Here are some of the
issues that arose:

- Customers and vendors for the new company were added to the address book,
even if they were also customers/vendors of the existing company. This
caused problems as the users could now select the "wrong" customer for new
invoices. Credit limits and A/R terms were also different for the same
customer for the different companies.
- Job queues are now shared between companies (not usually an issue but it
can be if you have different sets of users for the different companies -- we
didn't, for the most part)
- A number of DWs and WWs had cost center selection by ranges or by *NE,
which didn't always confine data selection to a single company. RPG custom
programs had the same issues to a lesser degree.
- In our case we used the same next numbering scheme across companies, but
your mileage may vary. If you have to convert historical data the document
numbers now need to be unique among all companies involved.
- Item numbers were sometimes the same, sometimes different, for the same
item with the same description and vendor. Which one to use?
- Menus required customization to some extent, mainly setting up different
DW versions for the different companies
- We had some custom code to load and view reports via our intranet, which
was not coded to separate data by company. This had to be changed.

There were other issues, but these spring to mind.


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