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We use trailers, 48 and 53 footers to store product from time to time, does
anyone have any tips on handling the situation? One thought is to set them
up as locations, however from time to time the trailers are returned to
rental or are moved temporarily to other outside locations.. Any ideas on
keeping track of such a "liquid" situation? thanks, s.e.t.

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I have handled this type of situation before with an oil company that
transports products from island to island and sometimes even sells products
from the ship, not just using it to transport from one location to another.
Admitedly this was not using JDE, and I am not 100% sure of any problems in
doing things this way in JDE, but the primary logic is that since you are
storing product in a trailer, then that trailer should be set up as a
When you return the trailer to rental etc, you should have emptied it of
product, so everything in that location should either have been sold or
transferred out.
You just need to keep a tight control over the inventory and ensure that
regular physicals are kept - maybe daily if it's just a trailer.
Hope this helps.
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I have seen this handled before by doing just what you said. Trailers as Locations. The Company used the Lot Memo1 field to show the "Physical" location of the trailer. (Example Back Lot Space 21 or Bob's Storage Number 5)

This way if the trailer was physicaly moved all that was needed to be done is the Lot Memo Field was changed..

Scott Parker
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Thanks Scott, that works well except we will have many lots on a trailer, I
haven't looked but is there any functionality in inventory transfers so one
could transfer all items in a location to another location without keying in
all items?? s.e.t.
I've also seen companies treat each trailer as a separate branch. (Mostly
service companies that have service trucks on the road all the time.) It
depends on what you need in the way of info and how you process orders. You
certainly wouldn't want a sales order committing to a trailer if the
inventory wasn't available for shipment.

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