RE: Account Receivable


RE: Account Receivable

This is a subject that comes up every few weeks on the list. You may find
some other good responses by searching the Jdelist website.

I've done this a lot with my clients for both interfaces and for creating
sales history. We typically use the JDE Z files (F4001Z and F4011Z). The
required fields are documented in the user guide for Sales Order Processing.
Don't assume that every field in the F4211 and F4201 gets populated by the
Batch Order Creation program (P40211Z). You have to test it. Of course
most fields do get moved. There is also a System 47 process over in the EDI
suite which is essentially the same thing. You will need to do some cross
reference look ups in the program you write to load the Z files, for things
like item number, address number, branch/plant, etc. You will also need to
do setup your Distribution AAIs.

Key data to move is:

Branch/Plant (MCU)
Sold to Number
Ship to Number
Item Number (one of three)
Quantity (UORG)
Quantity shipped
Price (unless using JDE Pricing)
Actual Ship Date (ADDJ)

When the batch program runs it looks up and writes related information like
payment terms, preferences, units of measure conversions, etc.

This is a good strategy for interfaces. I prefer it to just running
everything through A/R and G/L from a legacy system.

If you need anything more, feel free to contact me.

Andy Klee
Klee Associates
JD Edwards Certified Professional
Tel: 970 856 4811