RDA preview pane is blank

J Thomas

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I have a brand new install of JD Edwards Solution Explorer. I am in the DV812 environment using the demo bicycle company data. I created a new project, add a batch application and went into RDA. I used V0101B, added Address Number and Name Alpha. I sequenced by Address Number and did not use data selection.

That gives me a simple report which should show me some data in the preview pane. I only ever get a blank screen without even so much as the page number.

My desktop is WinXP running sp3. Any ideas what could be wrong?

(Our consultant says don't bother and that the preview pane usually doesn't work. It is working fine on my lap top and for other users here in the company.)


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Check wehther the entry of RDAreport View =1 in Jde.ini
Compare the bothe jde.ini entry.


J Thomas

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I was reviewing old posts and never got back to this one.

I do not have an RDAreport option at all in the jde.ini file. Which section should I add this under?

(I have attached my file for your reference.)


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I found a workaround for blank preview. The report is actually created as pdf at
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