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R42800 Sales Update Data Selection and Job Performance


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We have R42800 no custom code for the version data selection: F4211.DOC <> 0, F4211.NXTR = 620, select 6 DCTOs with Equal To
ran for 35 mins processed 3923 records or 21 mins processed 2595 records
I would like to check to see if this is normal process time and the data selection is correct and efficient
I thought when data selection to select <> which will do a full table scan but I found standard JDE versions have the same data selection

Could you please compare with your R42800 to see if the performance is about right or if there is anything I can do to improve the job performance?
Thanks in advance to share your experience

E910, TR


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there are many documents out there in Oracle that describe how performance can be improved in R42800 - running parallel versions, proc option selection are data selection techniques are the main methods to improve throughput as long as each version has unique data selection. For example try and balance selection of 3 versions each selecting on 2 DCTOs each.

Even though you are running standard i would still analyse debug logs and do this for a couple of orders both local and server side to just get a feel of where main time gaps are done (ie. in which BSFNs) as this might point you to the proc options that control them.

R42800 is an expensive process and does a lot of stuff so most companies will run as many versions as you need to get the volumes through within your required window.

Hope it helps