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R42565 Invoice Program and Vertex issue

Hi Guys, we are on JDE E811.1 Tool Release 8.49. We have turned Vertex on and having trouble running with the invoice program. The batch application keeps on running on the server without ending. Someone has to go and kill the job. But at times if we run the invoice program on the same data selection, report runs without any issues. This is consistently inconsistent. I have used debuglogs and host of other logs to figure out what is causing this but not been able to isolate as to why Invoice program doesn't finishes. When we switch off the Vertex, report runs without any issues.
I need to know if someone can offer 2 cents as to what might be causing the issue. We are scheduled to go live in a week and I have not been able to figure out as to why R42565 keeps spinning when Vertex is on.
We are running Vertex O Series
Thanks in advance...