R42565 - BI Publisher



We have a requirement to burst the invoice and email the PDF to the customer. We are using base R42565 (with a couple of mods to display additional fields required on the invoice).

We are using data driven email and this part works.

What we are struggling with is the burst string to enter on the report definition.

The existing sort sequence is by DOC, DCT, KCO, PTC and DOCO, with level breaks on DOC, PTC and DOCO.

To burst by customer we added AN8 as the very first sort sequence field, level break. We have an AN8 displayed on the payment terms section, as well as on the Detail Line 1 section. Cannot get it work - we have tried multiple combinations of the burst string. For example, /R5665ICP/Phase_1__Build_Work_File_S1/Detail_Line_1_Section_S2_Group/On_Payment_Terms_S3/Detail_Line_1_Section_S2/Address_Number_Burst_Field_ID268

Can you please help with info how it is setup for your invoice print program?

We did the same thing. Our string is /R42565/Phase_1___Build_Work_File_S1/Detail_Line_1_Section_S2_Group/On_Sold_To_S100001. The Sold To break needs to have an actual header section with the Sold To as a variable in RDA. This is what creates the correct hierarchy in the xml. The burst string is just to the section level. The field goes in the data driven recipient field.
Here's mine


I then use Data Driven Recipient on Internal Send To Email (obtained from the address book based on our logic)
Question John - Does your job send separate emails based on invoice number or does it send one email to the Sold To with all invoices in one attachment? It occurred to me that I should have clarified my reply that we have one email per Sold To with any/all invoices for that Sold To in one pdf.
Sorry I've been away. One per Invoice using the Sold To value I believe

I guess that's why your burst is different to mine