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Can I ask if anyone has made a BI template of the pick slip yet? And if so, would they be so kind as to email me their MS template please?
I've been asked to make one that has bar codes and if someone already has one, it maybe a bit quicker for me.

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The thing to bear in mind with R42520 is that whoever coded it did so without thinking that it will be used to generate more than 1 pick document. That is why the main stumbling block working with it is grouping lines. And that is the basis of any BIP solution for R42520 - customize it to include data to facilitate grouping.

Have a look at this: http://smartbridge.com/bi-publisher-advanced-technique-5-multiple-pick-slips/

It encapsulates the solution I got years ago - ca 2009 - from Oracle's BIP blog. When you do a web search now on BI Publisher R42520, the above page comes up (and a EURO site that actually sells a R42520 BIP template). It does do a better job of explaining the solution - which is probably why it percolated up the search results.

The other way is to dodge the issue. Have your functional people look at the other Pick Slip UBEs - R42521 and R42522. For one client, R42522 was a good fit so they switched to that instead. It was way easier to work with R42522's XML than R42520's.
Thanks for this

I'll get them to look at this and see how we get on. First i have to explain it :)
I'm assuming the value entered into Pick_Slip_Number_Detail_ID222 is the same as the one obtained from the headers BSFN? rpt_mnHdrPickSlpNum_PSN feeding into RV Pick Slip Number Display....?
Yes it is. The objective of the for-each loop is to group the detail lines by pick number. To do that, each detail line must have the pick number value.
I know this is an old post. But, has anyone successfully tried the smart bridge solution in an earlier post? I read it. Seems like it might be missing some info? If you were successful with building changing the R42520 I would appreciate any pointers. I tried all the tricks I have used in other instances like this. If I could rely simply on change of order, np. but when you factor in the possible change in PSN in the order I see that it could possibly throw a wrench with the things I have tried. Any help would be appreciated.

Following the smartbridge approach by putting the pick slip number and grouping does make sense. But, even if you do that the totals section for the pick slip is in the detail line group in the next pick slip. Still pondering a solution. :(
I did my own approach which worked Scott but unfortunately I no longer have access to the Template and UBE code :(
The other way is to use a "nicer" UBE. I always say that the XML output mirrors the state of mind of the authors of the UBE. You can draw your own conclusions with regards to R42520.

R42521 is "saner" candidate for R42520 replacement. Your business analysts and testers just have to confirm that the functionality in R42521 is functionally equivalent to R42520 - which it was for one of our clients. That's why instead of R42520, they used R42521.

R42522 is another candidate. For reference...

Understanding Types of Picking Documents
We did try the smart bridge solution and it actually worked. Only change the UBE to have the PSN in the detail. Doing the grouping worked in the BIP template.