R42118 - splitting lines question?


Hello forum, please advise with the following question I recently received, not really an expert with this R42118 UBE (as evidenced in the person's detailed explanation in the message below) so I was hoping for some direction from this forum:

There's a job called Backorder Release R42118 that performs 2 tasks from a canned perspective. It reviews item availability and finds orders that can be 'taken off backorder' when material is available. So far so good...

Our issue is that if a backorder can only be partially fulfilled, it creates a line split that will allow the original line to fully ship, and creates a ".1" line that stays on backorder...

In a normal world, this is great...

In our world, because we've modified a bunch of things and have another job that will actually do a split for us when we're good and ready for it to happen, we'd like this job to fulfill the backorder, either fully or partially, and not split the line.

Beginning: Line 5.0 UORG 150 SOQS 100 SOBK 50
Inventory gets replenished (add 50)
R42118 Backorder Release runs
End: Line 5.0 UORG 150 SOQS 150 SOBK 0

Beginning: Line 5.0 UORG 150 SOQS 100 SOBK 50
Inventory gets partially replenished (add 20)
R42118 Backorder Release runs & splits
End: Line 5.0 UORG 120 SOQS 120 SOBK 0
Line 5.1 UORG 30 SOQS 0 SOBK 30

Preferred Result in this example:

End: Line 5.0 UORG 150 SOQS 120 SOBK 30

Can anyone advise how this could be done via modifications, if at all? I'm guessing a number of BSFNs are involved, please advise and much thanks in advance for your time.

By the way, we're on EnterpriseOne - E900 (tools on MS/SQL server DB platform.
does releasing advance the status of the SO Line ? I would think that JDE splits lines when one part needs to be a ccertain status and the other part needs to be another status. you may try via P42117 (manual releasing) and see if you get the same results, if not, copy the BSFN calls from your P42117 test.