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I'm quite sure that you'd need to convert just when and if any of your
companies will change its base currency : in that case also you'll convert
that specific company only.

If this will never happen, you'll just go ahead with EURO as if it was one
of the many foreign currencies like DEM, ITL, etc.

What I'm wondering is : how can you manage subsidiaries in Italy (I
understood that you have some ...) and set up those ledgers with USD or CAD
as base currencies ? How can you print the many fiscal report for the
Italian Tax Authority - that of course need to show ITL - ? The exchange
rate between USD/CAD and ITL is floating so you cannot run a later
conversion for long periods, just multiplying by the rate ...

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Hi list,

We do business (i.e. we have transactions in DEM, ITL and a few other
European countries), however the base currencies of all our ledger
companies are either CAD or USD.

In this scenario, I'm guessing/hoping we are not impacted by Euro
conversion since we don't convert any currencies to a base currency of the
Euro (or any other European currency).

Am I correct, or is this just wishful thinking?

Graham Aberdein
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