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Questions on configuration of dynamic versions into an E1 Page and URLs


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Hi List

If I group all like minded process APPLS for lets say Sales Order > Shipping in an E1 Page, it is possible to do the following:-

1) Have the P4210 SO icon be dynamic in terms of the version underneath it?

2) Is there some easy way to configure this dynamism?

3) How do you guys manage such a situation?

4) How do you get external links to URLs in a page that is in DV PY UT and PD to be different per environment? I.E DVs URL point to a test system URL, PDs URL point to a live URL

That's it :)

Reason I ask is, we are a global Supply Chain company and have many sites with many of their own versions of the same APPL / UBE etc and I'd like the page to be clever in terms of the version it selects to run P4210 (for example) rather than creating a page per site