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Question on staging location in JD Edwards

Hi Everyone,
Greetings and hello to all !
My name is Vandana and I am new to this group . I have gone through the various posts in this group and I must say that this site is fantastic.
I am a JDE S&D consultant . I am having total 2 years of experience completely in JDE functional stream.
I wanted to get your inputs/feedback/suggestions on the following. This is wrt to one of the requirements for our Dubai based client

I would like to know if we can have a staging location in JD Edwards . To explain further , I would like the inventory to be stored there for a temporary period and at the same time not have anybody being able to take out the inventory from that location in the meantime.
Later I would transfer the inventory back to the main location . So basically this should be a staging temp location .
If the inventory is hidden from all (while viewing from the item availability screen) , that would be better.

I can create a new location from the location master but I am little stuck on how I can put this on hold so that no body else can do the inventory transfer from this location in the meantime as well as the availability remains hidden.

I am working on E812 Tools Release 8.98.

Can anyone let me know the possibilities and the approach for the same.

Thanks and Regards,
Vandana Seshadrichari


VIP Member
There are a number of alternatives but an easy and fast solution might be to create a separate temp staging warehouse for the item(s) and then apply row security so that the inventory is protected based upon your stated requirements.