Question for INTERNATIONAL users about Skiped Batch Numbers


We are on XE sp 14.1 using Oracle.
The questions that the International part of the company has to do with JDE skipping next numbers in say "Batch Numbers". The best example would be the user start to make up a batch and then decides to "Cancel." The Batch number is
committed and the system therefore skips that number.

The International users say that they can not have skipped numbers (ie: legal or policy not sure). Could other companies with international Companies/division give some advice on how they handle this situation.

Thanks for any Help/Advice

Frosty the Coder

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I'm not involved in internationals, but I'd find out
exactly why they "CAN'T" skip numbers.

Also, which SPECIFIC numbers is it they don't want to
be skipping.

Often, batch#s are internal only. Is it they don't
want to skip them because of some ingrained
internal control? If so, you may be able to address
this by updating that control.

Gene Piekarski, Jr

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I have worked in some countries, such as Belgium,
where numerical sequence of document types is a
requirement. Since batch numbern is system wide and
cannot be controlled as such, we were able to use next
numbers by COMPANY and insure numerical sequence by
company with almost 100% certainty. The local
government agreed with this position.

Al Marmero

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Most of the time it;s the country specific legal regulations (so that IRS or
other control bodies 'know' you haven;t skipped anything presenting the data
for control). It is quite common in the transforming economies.