Put some info about your config to your issues



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When somebody post an issue onto the forum and waiting some help from the others then could be useful to append some information about your configuration/environment, at least the release of OneWorld.

Problems, like resolution can be vary from release to release and/or platform to platform.

Useful information could be:

OneWorld release: B7321, B7331, ...Xe
Service Pack of OW: SP11, SP11.1, ...SP13
Applied prerequisite ESUs: (411642, ...)
Localizations if any: Spanish, French, ...

HW of servers and workstations: AS400, Intel, Alpha,...
OS (with version)of servers and workstations: OS400 Rxxx, NT4.0,...

DataBase Engine with version: MS SQL 7.0, Oracle V8.0, ...

Type of client: Fat, WTS, ...

Note: I put this post onto to Developer's Forum instead of General because I follow this one only (except General) and I don't know what is the habit on the others.

(... at least the release of OneWorld :)