JDE ERP 9.1 Platforms and Issues


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Hello All,

We are planning to upgrade our current version from Enteprise One SP1 to the latest ERP 9.1. As part of this project we would like to revamp the complete foundation i.e Platform, OS etc where ever requires and by utilizing the current hardware disign a cost effective foundation for the new release. we started brain storming on this have some ideas in place but every senario can not tested thought to hae some feed back on community. So far on a all window box the system is stable (except Oracle RAC not funtioning as expected).

> Enterprise Server Platform: What would be the best platform , most preferred or generally used for Enteprise Server? is it Windows or Linux? What are the most generic issues with Linux and how stable it is? what is the most generic platform for Enteprrise Server?

> are there any issues with Compiler or package builds on linux/unix?

> What are the generic issues with Web logic you have come across, Is it stable?

> Does Oracle RAC functioning with JDE improved with newer version? is it working as designed?

> Any suggestions? on ...Deployment Server - Windows Box, Enterprise Server Windows/Linux (Version please), Web Server(weblogic) Windows /Linux, Oracle Database with RAC on Linux

Could you please share your experiences with various platforms you have come across and help us deciding on the platform for new version?