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JDE List,

Has anyone out there had any good luck getting the Push Install portion of
OW B73.3.2 or OW Xe B73.3.3 working? I assume that the Client Listener is a
part of this too?

I have not found anyone that has been able to get this working with the
"Silent Install" or other install methods.

Seems the only FAT client install I can get to work is either the install
that a user runs when a package is deployed to the workstation and they log
into the appropriate environment, or one that is run using the OneWorld
Client Install manager.

Please advise as I am trying to justify installation of Citrix versus having
to install and support 200 fat clients.

OW Xe B73.3.3 SP14.1
RS/6000 AIX Enterprise Server
Oracle 8.1.6 Central Objects and Business DB
NT 4.0 Deployment Server
fat and thin clients

James Wilson
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I had some experience with Push Client Installs just for the fun of it, in my spare time. I am proud that I could make it work for me despite the fact that my JDE client manager kept saying that they weren't aware of any other clients making it (kind of idiotic pride, really). Here are six basic pitfalls about the process:

1. You'll have to make some changes to listen_client_setup.inf, mainly LaunchPath so that it includes the actual setup.exe file. Otherwise it was failing to start for me.

2. If you want to start it as a service, make sure you do it explicitly by initiating the service on every machine (I couldn't make it work automatically). Be warned that the network service doesn't work before the first logon (struggled a lot with it). I.e. even if it's set to automatic startup, you will have to log on at least once before the action swill be able to start.

3.If you run it locally, make sure that your user community has got the local admin rights - otherwise it's all gonna go crap. That was the thing that stopped me personally from using the thing - most of our users haven't got any access to their registry.

4. Pay no attention to R98825 results, especially errors - most of them are irrelevant. Also, even if a package has been successfully installed, the deployment program might still think that it's just in 'Approved' state.

5. Sometimes the setup takes ages to complete (e.g. 1.5hrs). The _setup.exe engine can be monitored on the client but nothing happens with the disk.

6. Your clients must be able to ping both your deployment and enterprise servers. DNS thing that is specified in the manual is yet another JDE crap - we work on WINS and everything is fine.

That were the most obvious thing. I'm sure you'll enjoy trying to make it work, but my sincere advice to you is - DON'T DO IT!

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Xe 13.1, Oracle 8.1.6/AIX

Dmitry Ilchenko
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OneWorld Technical Administrator
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+852 9406 4239
You may want to do a search on the JDEList Forum. There was a very heated discussion on Citrix to FAT client. A lot of good info came out of that discussion. I would do your search on the word "Citrix".

Hope that helps.

Chad Anderson
Generac Portable Products L.L.C.
B733.1 SP 7.1 AS400 Ent NT SQL Deploy