Purging F0911 for Euro currency conversion


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Thank you SO much for your post today (see below). We searched the JDEWORLD
list archive for your earlier postings and found many, but apparently not
the one you are referring to. What is the criteria for your join between
F0911 and F0911OLD? We welcome all suggestions.

We need to purge as many records from F0911 (and many others) prior to
performing our Euro currency conversion. Your technique may be useful to

Examples of large files on our system are:
F0911 - 8.5 million
F42199 - 1.4 million
F42119 - 1.2 million
F4314 - 7.4 million
JD Edwards has a long list of file purges they recommend performing prior to
doing the Euro currency conversion. We want to accomplish this with the
minimum amount of pain for our users.
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(Nanda's earlier email shown next)
We've taken the approach of dividing GL transactions into current reporting
(in our case previous 12 - 18 months) in the F0911 and prior to that in a
new file F0911OLD. We have created new join logicals over the two of these
so users can select based on what they want to see. The F0911OLD
transactions have been purged from the F0911 so the joins exclude 'BF'
documents. We have a similar record count to you.

I posted details on the List about a year ago - if you cannot trace I can
e-mail you directly, let me know. We're running A7.3 cum 10 on a 730 under

Nanda Raoté
E: [email protected]