Purchase returns with receipt routing


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Hi All,
Every 3 months we do purchase returns for suppliers based on the customer returns inventory. we just create a PO with - Qty and do the receiving to just remove the stock from inventory and create voucher.

now we want to create the PO and need to find a way to allocate this inventory until we get approval from suppler to recieve in the system. Tried to do reciept routing and doesn't work I believe since the qty is Negative.

We just want to flag this stock as allocated or in-operation until do the final receiving after approval.

Please let me know if there is any suggestion for me to try.

Thanks in advance.

E1 8.11 , SQL 2008
How about this suggestion:
Set up a "Returns" Location that has status code of "Return Items" or something equivalent.
Moving the quantity into this location (IT - P4113) should make the quantity Unavailable since the location has a code of something other than blank.
Thanks for the suggestion. we do transferring to a location but haven't used any code to locations not to show as available. also i will have to test return PO process to see how this works from a this type of location.

I will give a feed back once I tested.